Rear Tilt Shutter System

Clearview in Bathroom

Whether you're lucky enough to live in a home with fantastic views or you simply enjoy bird-watching in your backyard, shutters with the Rear Tilt tilt system are the ideal choice for you. With no center tilt-bar, your view will be completely unobstructed.

Rear Tilt System vs. Tilt-Bar Shutters

Most shutters have a tilt-bar running vertically down their center. It's this tilt-bar that allows for simple, one-touch control for opening and closing the louvers. The optional Rear Tilt system, however, performs the same function as a tilt-bar, but is hidden on the back hinge side of the panel. You can adjust them simply by touching one of the louvers. Rear tilt control provides an unobstructed view and a clean, contemporary look.

Did you know? Achieve the best view possible by combining 4 1/2 inch shutters with the Rear Tilt System!